Ducati Has Made An Airbag Jacket For Motorcycle Riders – DAir

When a motorcycle gets into an accident, things usually don’t go in favor of the rider.  Trying to make riding a bit safer, Ducati Motorcycles and an apparel firm, Dainese have come together to introduce the world’s first wireless airbag jacket, available on the Multistrada D-Air touring bike.


In the past, the airbag jackets need to be activated by pulling down on a cord, but the integrated Dainese system triggers wirelessly.  The safety system uses sensors built into the Multistrada’s existing electronics to understand the vehicle’s dynamic situation and deploying only when subjected to a genuine accident scenario.  Ducati D-Air5 Ducati D-Air6 Ducati D-Air7 Ducati D-Air8The technology uses the onboard accelerometer and central computer to sense a crash.  That activates the jacket’s “cold” gas generators in just 45 milliseconds, fast enough to inflate the jacket before the rider hits a car or the ground.  Now that’s impressive.  ducati1According to Ducati, the airbag system can reduce the chest trauma by 92 percent and back trauma by 82 percent, considerably reducing the risk of injury upon impact.  The sensors at the front and rear of the bike detect an accident in around 25 milliseconds. Ducati says that the airbag absorbs or deflects twice as much as other back protectors, and covers a wider area of the riders’ body. The system protects from frontal impacts, rear impacts, and falling from the bike.  The D-Air’s airbag stay inflated long enough to protect a rider sliding along the road after an accident.Ducati D-Air

Ducati D-Air2Ducati D-Air4There has been no retail price put on the jacket yet, but the Multistrada equipped with the D-Air will be available only in Europe for 16,450 British Pounds.  We can say that it’s a bit pricey, but you can’t put a price on your life.  Ducati D-Air9This new jacket is a significant innovation in terms of road safety and two wheel safety.  So for all those motorcycle enthusiasts out there this is great news, just ride safe.

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