Do You Know What The Hole In A Pen Cap Is For? Find Out Now!!!!

We all know while we sat taking our tests, the best stress reliever was chewing on our pen caps.    Many adults and kids make a trip to the emergency room because they accidentally inhaled a cap.  The BIC company has invented an ideal solution to this problem.

pen caps have holes in them 2

In 1991, the BIC company presented the world with a new design for its pens which remained completely unnoticed by the majority of people: there was now a small hole in the top of the cap of their Cristal Pen.  A pen cap can very easily get lodged in a person’s windpipe, causing them to choke.  In situations like this that little in the cap helps a person get enough oxygen until help arrives.  Before these holes were put into the caps, the number of choking deaths was significantly higher.

pen caps have holes in them 4

The decision of the BIC company had been supported by almost all leading pen trademark and so the British Standards Institute added this correction in its recommendations for production and use of the pen.

pen caps have holes in them 1

Some people thought the hole at the end of the pen was put their so that people would be forced to buy more pens since the nib would dry out so fast.  Others thought the hole’s purpose was to equalize the pressure to make it easier to open and close, but the actual reason was to allow a flow of necessary amount of oxygen.

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