Do it Yourself – LEGObot!

Do it Yourself - LEGObot! 2While many of us are amazed by wonders of science and technology; take the example of 3D printer for example. The truth is many of us can’t afford such luxuries. So this articles comes as an inspiration for us all. Enjoy!

What can you make with a few hundred LEGOs, an old VCR motor and a hot glue gun? ‘Instructables’ author Matthew Krueger, also known as Mastermind, used them to build his own 3D printer.

Do it Yourself - LEGObot! 3Krueger started with this project back in college when he became interested in 3D printing after an encounter with a Makerbot.  But like most college students, he didn’t have enough to buy a pre-made 3D printer. That is where he put his engineering skills to use and created within LEGOs Digital Designer software, a completely operational 3D printer.

Do it Yourself - LEGObot! 4The LEGObot takes instructions from a LEGO NXT control module that not only drives the VCR motor but also activates the print head. But Krueger’s labels this machine as “more of a prototype than a finished project” and plans to make it improvements to the print platform and hopes to find a way to drive the LEGObot using G-code.

Do it Yourself - LEGObot!While the LEGObot has its share of glitches, e.g. it doesn’t create high resolution prints and doesn’t have the largest build volume, but it is still a perfect amalgam of genius and imagination which takes the world of technology into a whole new level of scientific advancement.

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