DIY Tabby Car Can Be Constructed In 60 Minutes……Or Less!!

We’ve all had trouble putting together furniture that comes in a box, so building a car seems pretty overwhelming.  Now there’s an open source DIY tabby car that can be constructed in 60 minutes.  An Italian firm has created the world’s first Open Source Vehicle (OSV) which can be made in any configuration using a variety of engines and the great part is that it’s legal to drive it on the road.

urban tabby1 urban tabby8

The Urban Tabby is a two seater car that comes with either an electric, hybrid or traditional petrol engine, and can reach speeds of up to 85 km/h.  The open source enthusiasts Francisco Liu and Ampelio Macchi are behind the OSV project.  Basically it was launched in 2013 and aims to open the door to a new platform of vehicles.  It’s an “IKEA” type of car, where people are given the basic design and a set of instructions to complete their very own passenger vehicle.

urban tabby4 urban tabby5

urban tabby3

“It’s based on a universal platform and road-legal chassis that anyone can modify, as well as ad hoc hybrid engine,” says Carlo de Micheli, co-founder of OSVehicle.  The OSVehicle project is currently developing two different open source models.  The Tabby features a small two ro four person chassis that, according to the company only needs an hour to be assembled.  The Urban Tabby on the other hand features a structure that you can mount on top of the Tabby chassis, providing users with a road ready and certified car which will be legally recognized in Europe, Asia, and the United States.

urban tabby6 urban tabby7

One of the main features of the Tabby is that it can be assembled in less than an hour and it comes flat packed in easily transportable crates and doesn’t need special tools for assembly.  Fully finished models are expected to cost between $5500 – $8200.  The company even plans to make the instructions for the car available online so anyone can create their own.  The car can be built in hundreds of different configurations, from convertibles to off-road variants.  So far designs have included vehicles with 2 or 3 wheels, city cars, golf carts, street food vehicles, and off-road explorers.

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