DIY Screwdriver Car Key: Drive It Like You Stole It

We don’t know why anyone would want to do this except for the adrenaline rush perhaps, but  if you want to get pulled over by the cops, then this DIY screwdriver car key that makes it look as if you’ve just jacked someone’s ride is for you.

car key1

Although the picture looks like a screwdriver jammed into the vehicle’s ignition, it’s actually a fully operational key.  Using a beat up old screwdriver works best for this do it yourself project that brings a whole new meaning to the saying “drive it like you stole it.” So, for all of you out there looking for a fix, Nathan from Hahabird has given step by step directions for this car key hack.

car key2

First you’ll have to buy a beat up, old looking screwdriver if you don’t have one lying around at home.  Cut the shaft down to about an inch long.  Then cut a slot 1/4”- 3/8” deep at the end of the shaft.  Proceed to round out the end with a grinder or with a file.

car key3

car key4

Now, take your car key out to the car, put it in the ignition, and mark how far in it needs to go to start the car.  Add the depth of the slot you cut in the shaft to that mark, then cut. The smart thing to do would be to use a spare key, not your one and only original.  The key needs to fit into the slot you cut into the screwdriver.  The key should fit tightly.

car key5 car key6

Put some flux on the key, tap it into the slot on the screwdriver shaft making sure that everything is lined up.  With a torch, silver solder the key to the screwdriver.  Smooth out the edges where the key meets the screwdriver shaft and you’re all done.

car key7 car key8 car key9

There is drawback to this as too much weight hanging out of your ignition is not good for it.  This DIY project won’t work if you’ve got a modern car with a chip in the key, so be careful and don’t get carried away with “Gone in 60 Seconds.”

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