DIY Mobile Grilling Platform From Recycled Materials

It is time to start making arrangements for barbecues and outdoor parties in order to relish the grilling season as summer is in full swing. In case you do not have a grill and need one badly, there is a way to build your own grill with the help of an extra tire rim. When constructed, this small grill on wheels seems very professional and it makes for the perfect weekend project. In order to build it, you need some hardware as well, as shown in the pictures below, in addition to an old tire rim.

Making a Mobile Grilling Platform from Recycled Materials (2)

You can also customize this project in case you do not find the specific hardware. High-heat grill paint is one of the most imperative things you need in the construction of this project which will help you in giving professional-grade finished look to the final product. As you can see from the images, the main grill structure is very simple and everything is put together with plumbing fittings and nuts and bolts.

The base is simply made out of cut 2x4s fixed together, the sanded and stained. In order to keep the keep the centre of gravity of the grill down so that it does not tip, ensure that the base of the grill is heavy and sturdy.

Making a Mobile Grilling Platform from Recycled Materials (3)

To make the grill movable, screw in some caster wheels to its bottom to finalise the base. The project is almost finished after putting on the circular grill in the wheel rim. You can also fix some i bolts, if you want, so that you can hang your grilling utensils to give it a better look.

Making a Mobile Grilling Platform from Recycled Materials (4)

Here it is!

Making a Mobile Grilling Platform from Recycled Materials (1)

A mobile grilling platform made from completely recycled materials that you can show off to your friends. It’s time to invite everyone over for a party and to get some charcoal and meat on the grill. What do you think of this? Are you going to try it out? Do let us know how it goes!

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