DIY IronMan Gauntlet That Actually Functions

Ironman this and Ironman that……seems to be the latest craze, amongst kids at least. Patrick Priebe of Laser Gadgets must be a kid at heart because he has built his own IronMan gauntlet that shoots high powered lasers.



This pretty impressive device might not be able to shoot down rockets, aliens, or spacecrafts, but it can sure pop balloons and work on things like wood, styrofoam and even glass. The gauntlet that Priebe created took around 250 hours to build.  It’s made of aluminum which weighs 12 pounds, has a 7 watt infrared burning laser, along with a 2 milliwatt red aiming laser, an 18 volt rechargeable battery pack to give power, a 12 volt pump, circulating one liter of distilled water to help cool the laser off, an LCD screen to alert the user when the water is getting too high in temperature.


According to Priebe the rifle works best at a distance of about 4 meters from its target. The gauntlet is activated by two buttons on the inside of the hand section.  Pressing one causes the rocket launcher to rise up or down and pressing the other actually fires it.  While testing it, the rocket left burn spots along his upper arm.


This device shouldn’t be seen in the hands of kids, but we don’t see this being readily available in the market in the near future. Priebe says “there are no plans, no tutorials, not for sale, it’s just a prototype”.  As sad as this is for gun lovers, it sure is understandable.

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