DIY Desalination Tank Has Been Created By Gaza Resident Provides Clean Water To Gaza’s Locals

As the result of six decades war inflicted upon Gaza, all kinds of humanitarian and nutritional crisis are being faced by them just like every war torn region in the world. As per latest reports, Gaza is not only at great risk of running out of water, but almost 90 % of the water supply in the area has been proclaimed unfit for human consumption. But as history has always proved, the strong people of Gaza have always found a ray of light in the darkest of times, and in this case the homemade distillation setup by Fayez al-Hindi is just a continuation of the long story of defiance by the people of Gaza. The Gaza’s local made a solar-powered desalination device that turns undrinkable water into clean enough H₂O so that people can consume.

A DIY Desalination Tank Has Been Created By A Resident Of Gaza To Provide Clean Water To Gaza’s Locals (2

Al-Hindi’s device is capable of saving several lives due to the provision of clean water in an area where there are way too many things that are absolutely brutal. In an interview, he hold that his device was stimulated from the fact that sunshine is readily available in the area of Gaza and he was also among the people who were severely affected because of lack of clean water just like everyone else in Gaza. Therefore, he came up with the idea of creating DIY desalination tank that separates clean water from pollutants and salt in an effort to deal with this crisis. As per his claims, this system can provide 2.6 gallons of water on daily basis which is enough to cater for the water needs of his family.

Well, as an obvious fact his water needed to be tested before the method could be authorised as workable. Therefore, it was examined by the Coastal Municipalities Water Utility who discovered that the distilled water was astonishingly safe for drinking. Mohamed Abu Shamaleh, lab technician at the Coastal Municipalities Water Utility labelled the results as “fascinating”.

A DIY Desalination Tank Has Been Created By A Resident Of Gaza To Provide Clean Water To Gaza’s Locals (1

Well, the man is already a hero, but just like other heroes he did not stop at that. Currently, he is helping other local residents of Gaza to build this kind of distillation systems in their own homes, thereby enabling the distressed people of Gaza to live a better life. It is quite fair to assume that it will take years for the infrastructure of the city to be repaired due to the constant war that has torn this region apart. Hence, homemade help yourself projects like this water purification system might turn out to be important for the survival of thousands of people in Gaza. In a city where the pungent smell of fired ammunition litters the surrounding, this man’s genius is certainly a breath of fresh air and a cause of hope for the residents and humanity at large.

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