Disney’s Most Popular Products

Disney, the largest media conglomerate in the world, posted revenue of a whopping 42 billion dollars in 2012. You might be surprised to find out what some of its most successful products are. Here is a latest rundown of its most successful brands. The list is based on retail sales of licensed physical products such as T-shirts, electronics, toys etc.

No 8. Spiderman

 Retail sales: $325 million

No 7. Disney Fairies

Retail sales: $435 million

No 6. Toy Story

 Retail sales: $685 million

No 5. Mickey & Friends

 Retail sales: $750 million

No 4. Cars

 Retail sales: $1.05 billion

No 3. Pooh

 Retail sales: $1.09 billion

No 2. Star Wars

 Retail sales: $1.09 billion

No 1. Disney Princess

Retail sales: $1.6 billion


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