Diamond Hotend for Full-Color 3D Printing Was Funded in Two Days On Kickstarter

On April 1st, RepRap.me launched a new Kickstarter campaign for their latest gadget, Diamond Hotend for 3D printers, and guess what?  They were 100% funded in two days.  What makes this hotend so appealing?  The Diamond Hotend allows users to feed 3 different colors through one nozzle at the same time.


RepRap.me, based in Denmark, suggests that their diamond-shaped extruder not only allows you to easily time out when to change colors, but is also allows you to blend red, blue, and green filament to produce another color, a lot easier than the cutting a fusing different colored filaments together before printing.


The company addresses issues such as ‘waste tower’ that collects purged filament during a print job so that clear shifts in color can be achieved.  They also demonstrate the hotend being used to blend an orange color from green and red filaments.  If true, Diamond Hotend may be the first true method for achieving full-color FDM (Fused Deposition Modeler) prints.


The developers are saying that the new hoten is capable of printing a variety of 1.75mm filaments, including PLA, ABS, HIPS, FLEX, and PETG.  RepRap.me claims that the single nozzle is easy to calibrate and it produces less oozing and filament waster.  The nozzle is super compact to ensure rapid nozzle heat up and according to developers, a more precise print.


The Diamond Hotend requires a motherboard that supports triple extruders.  The company recommends using the RUMBA motherboard for its easy firmware setup and triple extruder support.  The company is estimating the delivery of the Diamond Hotend by June 2015 and will ship anywhere in the world. They hope that this new technology will lead the revolution for true multi-color FDM 3D printing.

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