DeepFlight Dragon- A Personal Submarine

There are many man toys out there, from hi-tech mobile phones, to sports cars, to yachts.  If you stretch out your budget, this is a must have.  Designed by Graham Hawkes, founder of DeepFlight, the DeepFlight Dragon is the first hover-capable personal submarine.

deepflight5The DeepFlight Dragon was designed specifically for easy use from yacht or shore to explore the twilight zone down to four hundred feet.  At 4000 pounds and under 4 feet in height, the Dragon is less than half the weight of other submarines.  It can easily fit into yacht garages or deck areas.  Yes, this is a rich man’s toy.


The Dragon is fitted with what’s called DeepFlight Dive Manager.  It’s a technology that monitors and manages critical functions, making it user friendly and eliminating the need for a professional pilot.  Just like you wouldn’t give the keys to your Ferrari to your chauffeur, you’re going to want to drive this baby on your own.  This craft is positively buoyant which means it will always naturally float back to the surface.  You can enjoy safe underwater exploration.  It is an all electric, zero emissions craft.  It is also the first of its kind to offer hovering capability, allowing complete freedom to go wherever you want to go in the underwater wilderness.  You can operate the craft in a quiet and efficient manner for up to 6 hours between charges.  This amazing personal submarine will be shown at the 2014 Monaco Yacht Show.


Graham Hawkes decided that if the building of a full-sized drone that people could fly easily was exciting then achieving the same underwater would be even more fun.  He wanted to start ASAP because he knew if he didn’t do it then someone else sure would.  He says that it’s just like flying a plane but in a different medium: water.  It’s an aircraft for the water.  It’s so easy to use that it would be very lucrative to use it at resorts to rent by the hour.  Hawkes wants to push the superyacht market into the future.  The value of the Dragon is not in how much one pays for it, but in how rare it is.


There are fewer trained Dragon pilots than there are astronauts.  Once this product hits the open market and people get the experience of flying a vehicle underwater, things will change.   People who can afford yachts and the likes of the DeepFlight Dragon, only want the best, so this craft has been constructed like luxury cars are.  It’s the only submersible with a hood ornament, a Falcon which is carved from solid stainless steel.  The interior is all carbon fiber, elegance and luxury at its best.

deepflight3Hawkes wants to create the “underwater aviation industry”.   He says there is no shortage of uncharted territory out there to explore.  Underwater aviation is mostly in the reach of very wealthy people, but there are hopes about developing it for the general population.  DeepFlight has given us access to the underwater world, which has been inaccessible for so long.

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    I sure love the looks of your submarines.

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