Dead Rising Set For A PlayStation 4 Remastered Version

There is some good news for all the Dead Rising fans of the years gone by. The game is not an Xbox exclusive anymore. Released in 2006, Dead Rising was originally an Xbox exclusive but according to the details discovered on PlayStation trophies site Exophase, the game is set for a re-mastered version on PlayStation 4. This is really very exciting times for PlayStation fans if the rumors are true.

dead rising ps4 remaster 1

Visit the Exophase website for a complete list of trophies of Dead Rising PlayStation version. Exophase has a good track record with leaking upcoming re-masters too. Earlier this year, it listed South Park: The Stick of Truth for release on PS4 ahead of its official announcement. Prior to that it listed Beyond: Two Souls, which was later released on PS4 as part of a Quantic Dream collection alongside Heavy Rain.

dead rising ps4 remaster 2

Capcom’s Dead Rising centers on Frank West, a photojournalist who ends up trapped in a shopping mall in the fictional town of Willamette, Colorado that is infested with zombies. There are three modes of playing this game. The 72 hour Mode in which Frank Frank has three days to solve the mystery of the zombie outbreak. This is the main mode of play. The second is the bonus Overtime Mode which is only unlocked once the player completes 72 Hour Mode with all Case Files completed. This gives another 24 hours of in-game time and reveals the game’s true ending.

dead rising ps4 remaster 3

The last and the most exciting is the Infinity Mode. It is a sandbox mode unlocked after completing Overtime Mode. Frank has to survive for as long as he can with his health decreasing after every 100 seconds and he has to eat food to keep his health up. There are limited food items and everyone is the enemy, with ammo and food dropped when you kill someone. Pretty gruesome, eh? But we loved this game in 2006 and certainly can’t wait for its re-mastered version to be released.

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