Dad Builds Catquarium for Stray Cats

Thanksgiving is all about being thankful and also about giving.  A man who lives on a farm and who loves cats recently built what he is calling “Cataquarium” so that stray cats have a place to go and stay warm during the winter.


He built a box around the outside one of the windows of his house, complete with a shelf, small doorway, and a cat ramp.  The cats, being the curious little furry things they are, check it out and then discover it’s a nice warm place to be.  The people on the inside can keep an eye on them and the cats get to observe what going on inside the house.

cataquarium2 cataquarium1

While there are just too many cats for one person to rescue, but at least some of them will have a warm place to sleep.  You can only go to this extent when you love cats and want to give back.

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