Customized Fruit at your Doorstep – 3D Print your Favourite Fruit!

Molecular gastronomy technique called ‘spherification’ has been taken a step further by Dovetailed by developing a 3D printer that can make edible fruit. Just by combining separate elements and flavours, they have been able to recreate interesting modified fruit. Talk about experimentation in the world of food and cutlery, this new technique aims at all the master chefs out there who want to bring new innovation and flavours to their cooking styles- a creative dining experience!


3dfruit 43D printing is really on the go with anything and everything being printed. 3D food printing Is also not new with printing out yummy chocolate by Chocabyte or more nutritious food by Foodini, initiating printing of pureed food for seniors and ending up till printing meat even, there are endless possibilities. Dovetailed a UK based company has taken up this technique to make a new kind of 3D food printer that prints fruit or its blend in seconds.

They still haven’t given out the details as to how this new printer works, however what we know for sure is that it uses “spherification”,a molecular gastronomy technique. According to Dovetailed, their printing process is merely within seconds thus giving its users a rich combination of their favourite fruits on demand in a short span of time, mix berries with mango, or pineapple with grapes, again there are infinite prospects.

3dfruit 3

The printer works by amalgamating fruit puree or juice with a thickening agent like sodium alginate, the mixture is then added to a bowl of calcium salt where it shapes into small spheres with thin skins to hold all the juiciness inside similar to real fruit in its natural form. The printer then brings together these spheres and prints them out in whichever way you want, various flavours and textures. Or you can simply print out a plain banana or strawberry or any additional fruit you have the hunger for.

3dfruit 5

Founder of Doevtailed Valva Kalnikaite says, “Our 3D printer will open up new possibilities not only to professional chefs but also to our home kitchens — allowing us to enhance and expand our dining experiences.”

3dfruit 2

The technique is out there, the only confusion or ambiguity is whether people are actually willing to replace inherent fruit with a printed one? Only time will tell if such a novelty will become a usable reality.

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