Cuddle Clones can Create Replicas of Your Pets!

Pet lovers are going to love this custom product meant to show how much you actually love your pet.  The Cuddles Clones toy company will create a stuffed animal that looks just like your pet, and the results are remarkable.

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Dog-lover Jennifer Graham is the founder of Cuddle Clones.  Many years ago, Jennifer was inspired by her Great Dane named Rufus to create custom plush toys.  She never acted on her idea until Rufus passed away in 2009, at which point Jennifer decided to turn her idea into a reality.  She created a stuffed animal replica of her beloved Rufus as a way to memorialize him, and she hasn’t stopped making stuffed animals since.  Simultaneously, Cuddle Clones was born.

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Cuddle Clones is based in Louisville, Kentucky where Jennifer Graham lives.  Other than running her own company, she donates to animal charities and pet-related causes any opportunity that she gets.  In fact, a portion of the proceeds from every Cuddle Clone goes directly to charities, all in the hopes of giving animals everywhere a better life.  The mission of Cuddle Clones is: “To capture the emotional connection between people and their pets through our customized products” says Graham.  Smaller pets, such as rabbits and guinea pigs start at $129 while larger animals, like dogs, cats, and horses are replicated for $199.

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