Crazybaby Air Wireless Headphone Is The Future

Wireless devices? Crazybaby Air wireless headphone is the next step towards wireless devices. Since Apple’s removal of the 35mm headphone jack, wired headphones are out of fashion now. Now, developers are making wireless headphones.crazybaby-air-wireless-headphone-is-the-future-5

You can choose headphones by crazybaby if you want to hear stereo sound with HD resolution. Crazybaby Air wireless headphone comes with voice assistant too; it does not care if its Cortana, Google or Siri. These new generation headphones can connect to any Bluetooth device thus rendering them a perfect fit for Android or Apple phones. It pairs with the devices automatically and saves us from wired system. It also means less dropped connections.crazybaby-air-wireless-headphone-is-the-future-6

When it comes to charging the Crazybaby Air wireless headphone; it is simple. All you have to do is to place them into their aluminum shell and plug the shell into power outlet. According to crazybaby, one hour of charging is perfect because it gives you full day usage in an elegant charging package.crazybaby-air-wireless-headphone-is-the-future-1

Company’s founder Allen Zhang said, “Sound and connection is to the essence of Air by crazybaby’s design. Customized true wireless sound technology makes sure you hear every detail of the music. Consistent and reliable connection powered by latest CSR technology make Air the best in its category.” These amazing Crazybaby Air wireless headphones have been designed perfectly. They wont slip from your ear or wont be too tight even if you run or jump.crazybaby-air-wireless-headphone-is-the-future-2

crazybaby-air-wireless-headphone-is-the-future-4Users can balance their Air headphones by making use of Crazybaby app. The users are also able to carry out customization of playlist and fine tuning of equalizer from the same spot.Crazybaby Air Wireless headphone is currently raising funds on Indiegogo via crowdfunding campaign. It can be pre-ordered for a price of $89 USD. If all goes well, this amazing gadget will be making its way into the market in January 2017 with a retail price of $159. If you order them now, you’ll receive a one year warranty as well.

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