Crazy Cart XL : Finally a Toy for Grown ups!

We all envy kids who have super cool toys which we wish we could play with. Well, for the kid in all of us, Razor, the company that created the Crazy Cart for kids has now brought us Crazy Cart XL, the new go cart that is outrageously perfect for adults.

crazy cart1 crazy cart4

The Crazy Cart XL takes the original and pushes it up to the next level.  It’s especially designed for adults, the steel frame can handle anyone up to 300 pounds, and components like the drift bar on the side have been improved.  So, you might fall over from dizziness way before it ever breaks.  There’s also a more powerful , 500 watt electric motor.   It will go about 40 minutes on a single charge before you have to swap the rechargeable batteries.

crazy cart2

The battery on the XL is 36V and fits snugly below the seat of the cart. The wheel s on the back have also been increased and are now 15mm and are study aluminum castors allowing for free spinning and easy drifting.  Eventhough the original Crazy Cart was strong enough for adults to ride, but the extra weight meant the top speed would be limited, making it less fun.  The bigger seat allows adults to take the cart for a spin without feeling cramped.

crazy cart3

Prices aren’t cheap though, with the XL kicking off at $800. That’s twice as much as the standard Crazy Cart costs.  Razor has announced that they will only be making 1,600 of the  Crazy Cart XL’s, it will only be available on the company’s website or Toys‘r’Us from December.

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