Coolest Clock by A Tout Le Monde

Clocks have become somewhat obsolete with the onset of the latest technologies.  A Tout Le Monde (ATLM), an Austria based technology company has invented Coolest Clock, a first ever, one of a kind, multi-purpose projection clock that can be personalized to display customized clock faces and other information.


You would ask why would someone put so much time and effort into a project like this?  Well the Austrian company felt it necessary to revolutionize the same clocks on the wall, with the same boring faces.  Coolest Clock contains smart faces that can be fully customized to display various clock face shapes.  An accompanying Coolest Clock app allows you to program the smart fact to display information from your smartphone or the web like the weather, news, Facebook status, tweets, photos, sports scores, and much more.  A Tout Le Monde has launched and Indiegogo campaign to be able to bring the Coolest Clock to the market.


The company is currently working on a prototype.  They have completed designing the software and the projector which gets mounted on the wall and plugged into a power source.  Coolest Clock only works with iOS smartphones and tablets for now, but it will soon be available for Android devices.  The project will be able to be controlled through the app using wifi of low-energy Bluetooth technology.  It also comes with a remote control to control on/off functions, adjust display, alarm, and many other functions.


With its multiple features, one amazing feature is its energy saving ability.  You could turn the clock on or off as needed or show the content only when you’re close by or in the same room.  This can help save energy.  As soon as the funding goal is met, the device will go into production.  No time and date has been announced as for when it will be launched.


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