Scientists Found A Way To Make Computers Even Faster!

With the invention of transistors in the mid 1940’s the computing industry was revolutionized. Transistors replaced the vacuum tubes and not only made the computers smaller but also fast and increased the computational capacity of the machine. It seems like that researchers have managed to take another such leap in the field of computing. A research proposal put forward by University of Sydney made it possible for scientists to produce the largest quantum circuit board ever produced which just happens to be an essential component of a quantum computer made of laser light.

Quantum SystemsThe idea is the brain child of theoretical physicist, Dr Menicucci as he proposed the experimental design. Professor Akira Furusawa at University of Tokyo saw the potential and an international collaboration with Australian National University led to the largest number of quantum systems brought together in a single component which originally were 14 and now up to 10,000.  A journal article in Nature Photonics has just been published on the research.

The notion behind this technology is to exploit the amazing and mysterious properties of quantum physics to allow the scientists to create a machine that is able to solve problems so complex and convoluted that event he fastest super computers can not manage.

Scientists found a way to make computers even Faster! 2“Huge advances in telecommunications, physics and counter intelligence are possible when we have devices with such immense computational power. The two main obstacles to creating quantum computers are the precise control of tiny quantum systems and the issue of scalability, which is the ability to make bigger and bigger quantum computers out of small parts,” said Dr Menicucci. One can only imagine the answers these machine will help us attain which at the time are limited due to not being able to process the data.

Scientists found a way to make computers even Faster!As enunciated it can be implied that the next big step would be able to control these tiny quantum systems with precision in order to fully take advantage of this technology and that of scalability. Naturally the feasibility of mass production and cost will also have to be considered so that the average person can too get a piece of the action.

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