Colin Furze Invents Palm-mounted Liquid Nitrogen Gun

By his transformation into a real-life Ice Man, Colin Furze has become a member of X-Men. This plumber turned inventor, equipped with liquid nitrogen, questioned the possibility of a liquid nitrogen gun that may perhaps freeze things on contact. Most of his time was spent to work out how to make holding tanks for the super-cooled liquid, and particularly finding out ways not to freeze himself. Furze was able to do it after a lot of hard work and his palm-mounted liquid nitrogen gun is unbelievable.

Colin Furze Invents Palm-mounted Liquid Nitrogen Gun (2)

Moreover, Colin has manufactured suits to transform into Wolverine, Magneto, and Pyro in the past, hence, this was not his first time to become an X-Man. Colin conducted experiment with compressed CO2 initially to freeze things on contact, however before long, he discovered that compressed CO2 was not cold enough. Therefore, he bought the coldest fluid that is -320˚F liquid nitrogen. He, then, assembled a dual tank reservoir on his back, one for liquid nitrogen, and another for compressed gas. But it was a difficult task to find out a way to pump the liquid to his wrist.

Colin Furze Invents Palm-mounted Liquid Nitrogen Gun (3)

The problem wasn’t that he couldn’t get the liquid out, but the fact that it froze every material of tubing that he was able to find. However, in the due course, Colin found out that metal motorcycle brake line did the magic. The firing mechanism of this palm mounted ice shooter uses a tilt sensor to engage, so all Colin needs to do is raise his hand and freeze every enemy.


Science fiction turning into reality is one of the coolest thing to witness and the fact that with some advanced engineering, you can transform yourself into a mutant and join forces with the X-Men. Colin has built some mind-blowing projects in the past, and as his following grows, he will only be motivated more to manufacture such incredible things.

Check out the Ice-Man with palm-mounted liquid nitrogen gun below:


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