Clef Two-Step Verification Set to Revolutionize Website Logins

Even though we have passwords for everything, email accounts, social websites, and more, there are still many security breaches that occur.  The more personal and private information we put out there, the more there is a chance of attack.   Companies are constantly trying to come up with new ways to avoid password logins.  A new, Oakland based company, Clef has found a unique approach.


Clef has created a two-step verification system that makes use of an animated wave on your phone to confirm your identity.  A lot of sites use two-step verification but it’s mostly just passwords which need numerical code.  Clef’s approach is simple, you just wave your phone at the screen and it signs you in, though there is a PIN or Touch ID confirmation at the start.  It can work on both Wi-Fi and cell networks.  As a backup method you can scan your phone’s screen by using the laptop camera.  By scanning the wave form, Clef shows that you’re actually sitting there in front of the app, and it’s all done in seconds.  There is also an option to securely log out of your accounts with a single tap on your smartphone if you detect any suspicious activity of suspect that someone else has been logging into a site or app as you.


Clef’s CEO, Brennen Byrne has said that more than 40,000 sites have signed up to use their two-step authentication system.  Clef is now working on growing its engineering and marketing staff to bring in more clients with bigger user bases.  The app is available on Android and iOS systems.

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