Clean-o-bot will Climb Walls and Clean

For all those cleanaholics out there, there is good news now in the shape of Tody; a little cute and cuddly  that swipes your floors, that sprout out of nowhere, and caters to your irky needs for cleaning the hard to reach corners; the only perk or maybe not, it’s a four limbed – dust-busting robot cephalopod!

Robo Squid 2

The having four limbs slash tentacle each connected to a 22 steam nozzle in addition to 29 vacuum nozzles and innumerable adhesive pads to stick to walls just like a Gecko lizards feet, this octopus plus squid can climb curtains and slither across sofas to clean your apartment even. Tody’s limbs would allow it not only to climb walls, but also your windows, furniture and curtains, not to mention it’s capability of your ceilings and the underside of your furniture.Vacuum and steam nozzles are attached to a water tank and dust bag through channels to collect the dirt. This little clean master has been designed by a 21 year old, super-hot, , who explains it to be, ‘….a floor and fabric cleaner.’

Being part of this year’s Global Design Competition; Tody as an idea is one of 100 out of more than 1,700 submissions selected by experts from Electrolux to compete for participation in the next stage in the global design competition. One of the contest’s judges, Metin Tuztassaid: ‘We appreciate the smart design together with the well prepared technical background.’

Robo Squid 3

The best part about the design is that it can be programmed through your voice commands; tell it to hide away whenever you want to, but its still only a concept still waiting to be turned into reality. We might just have a small squid running around the house along with other lawn mowers and floor cleaners, only that it will also be climbing walls like our very own spider man!

Robo Squid 4Check out the following videos to learn more!

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