Clean Energy Is Being Produced By Using CO2 Conversion Technology

There are doubts in many peoples’ minds that the man-made climate change is a hoax and not legitimate. But there are no doubts when it comes to stopping the release of excess CO2 in the atmosphere. After the success of solar, wind and wave power as clean energies in the worldwide energy sector, a geothermal power plant in Iceland is initiating a new method to produce clean energy that is by using CO2 conversion technology. A country that is 11 percent covered in Ice, hosts a very active geothermal system. A unique method of CO2 injection was directed by a team of engineers at Hellisheidi power plant. The injected CO2 is chemically converted into a solid in a few months by pumping it deep into volcanic basalt layer.

Geothermal and Hydroelectric sources are currently providing most of Iceland’s power. Hence the glacial and ice runoff is actually good for the energy grid at the moment. But according to the Engineers, it might not be long that these runoffs stop, as the land is becoming warm with time. Hence sustaining the energy grid will become a difficult task in the time to come, Columbia University explained. Another advantage of the ice layers is that they keep pressure on the volcanic flows flowing deep underground. As the ice keeps melting away, the scientists fear that it’ll lead to deadly eruptions eventually.

The country is now producing an amazing amount of energy by making use of the CO2 injection method. Currently they are producing enough energy that they have been proposed to sell the excess power to European Countries, as the produced power is much more than the 300,000+ residents require. The company running the geothermal plant, have created a process in which they mix carbon dioxide with hydrogen sulfide in water and then the solution is injected in the volcanic basalt underneath.

Clean Energy by CO2 Injection


As it is known for a while now, carbon naturally precipitates with basalt as claimed. But it was unclear that how fast the reaction could occur until this latest research that is actually groundbreaking. The reactions that were previously estimated in the range of hundreds of thousands of years, were recently discovered by the team of scientists studying the method that 95% of the CO2 was solidified under 2 years, according to the study that was published.

Clean Energy by CO2 Injection2

250 tons of the solution was injected into the volcanic basalt in the beginning of the project, this was done to check how fast the reaction could be created. Over the course of months, water samples were drawn from the basalt and carbon isotopes were measured in the water. The success of the experimentation was gauged by the team.
The CO2 problem of the world isn’t going to be solved by the injection technique that is because 25 tons of water is required to mitigate one ton of CO2. Freshwater sources have Sea water as a viable alternative, but the quantity of water required to even compensate a small country’s yearly need for the electricity is too much. What makes this process groundbreaking is the way it disposes the carbon dioxide and this could lead to further prove how disposal of carbon emissions help in moving forward in the energy sector.

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