Christian Bale returning as 'The Dark Knight'? And 5 reasons why he should,5 reasons why he shouldn't

If you’ve scanned the superhero sites lately, you’ve inevitably read reports that Bale is being lured back to the Batcave with a $50 million offer to square off against Henry Cavill’s Superman in Warner Bros.’ Man of Steel sequel.  Fans of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy and Bale’s dark portrayal of the Caped Crusader immediately rejoiced, convincing themselves that Bale’s previous denials and his desire to ‘pass the torch’ to another Batman could quickly be erased by cold hard cash. Perhaps that will eventually be the case. But not today.

The recent online buzz erupted after the London Sun reported that “Bale is facing extraordinary pressure” to return to the character for a huge payday. The Sun‘s sources, however, aren’t exactly Warner Bros. insiders or members of Bale’s inner circle. Instead, the tabloid was blindly relying on a new e-book titled Beyond Batman: The Unauthorized True Story of Christian Bale and His Dark Knight Dilemma.

But the book refers to a New Years eve 2012 conversation about a potential Justice League movie that he had with a friend who worked at Legendary Pictures during the making of the Dark Knight films. Which means it was a full 7 months before the release of the “Man of steel’ movie, which means that either the reports of other actors being reviewed to play the ‘Dark knight’ are wrong, or it is just a rumor. There is no $50 million offer, this is all based on a speculative conversation that took place eight months ago.

Although Bale currently has no movie in works for 2014, reportedly when the shooting starts for the ‘Man of Steel’ sequel, so he is available. But he has denied wanting to play the Batman, over and over again. It would be a hell of a turn around, to accept the role once again.

5 reasons why Christian Bale should return as ‘The Dark Knight’

5. It would be a lot less confusing.

Imagine, Superman finally comes face to face with Batman in the next film, it is an awesome scene and everyone has been waiting for it, but in the back of your mind you will still be asking yourself, what is this ‘The Dark knights’ backstory? As the current rumors that are circulating indicate that the next film will introduce an already established Batman, meaning we will not see his side of the story until he shows up on the screen. This can all be solved by having the same Dark knight, we would already know him and his origin story. There will be no confusion of having to relate to a Batman, no one has seen before.

I just feel it is way too soon for a reboot, Christopher Nolan brought an amazing Batman for my generation and I’m not ready to let that go yet.

4. We already love Christian Bale’s Dark knight.

I always believe in order for a movie to be successful you have to be able to develop a connection with the actors starring in it. For many we’ve all done that with Bale and since Batman Begins we’ve seen this man grow into the hero we love. We watched his pain, we watched him suffer, we watched him lose just about everything.Throw in a new actor, who none of us have seen play Batman and well.  I worry this is me speaking here but I’m concerned that most people won’t have this connection already and it’s going to be two hours of some guy in tights running around with Superman.

3. We would just compare the new, with the old.

Like I’ve said earlier, it’s just too soon for a new Batman. Some new actor, no matter who is it will be ripped apart. Just like with Brandon Routh in Superman Returns ,too many fans compared him to the late Christopher Reeve and he suffered for it.In the mess of raging on the new Batman, it will take away the focus of the movie and well have a huge flop on our hands. This is something I do not want, because I can see this movie being a great film. But in order for that I do believe we need Christian Bale.

I can see it now me sitting in the theater watching this movie and all through it I’m thinking.

“Christian Bale would have been better.”

2. If it ain’t broke.

In the outcome Bale doesn’t return for Batman, who would even dare take on that role? I can’t even begin to think of any one I could see let alone want to play Batman. My mind is racing and coming up blank with anyone remotely close to Bale.Simply, there is no actor I can see taking over. I’m not trying to sound biased here I’m just very keen on who I see playing Batman, and right now all I see is Bale.

1. He is this generations Batman.

My number 1 reason Christian Bale Needs to Return as Batman… well, it should be pretty obvious. He’s the best.Many actors have portrayed  Batman throughout the years. We had great ones, and we had some horrible ones, Michael Keaton was the last great Batman. He was the very first Batman everyone loved and watched.I didn’t much care for the others that followed.  Val Kilmer was good but he wasn’t Keaton, then there’s another actor who played Batman but I like to pretend that movie doesn’t exist, so I won’t even bring it up.Then there’s Christian Bale. I don’t know what it was about him but the way he portrayed Batman was spot on. What I truly liked was he could be both Batman and Bruce Wayne, because A fault I tend to notice in other actors was that they couldn’t transition very well, whereas Bale had the cocky rich boy persona down great.

But simply, he needs to return as Batman in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel. If not for the sake of the movie than please for the sake of the diehard fans who aren’t ready for a new Batman.

And now for the 5 reasons why he shouldn’t be the Batman…on the next page.