CHIPS: All-In-One Headphones

Want to listen to your favorite tunes while you’re biking but you’re wearing a helmet and don’t like the sound quality of earphones? Well, the CHIPS all-in-one headphones are what you’re looking for.  Designed by the company Outdoor Tech, these headphones are made for those who love outdoor activities, such as skiing or snowboarding, but find it frustrating to have to deal with regular headphones.


The company says “We wanted our fingers to stay toasty warm, so we made over-sized buttons to control everything with gloved hands.  We also knew it needed to stand up to the elements:  IPX4 and the ability to handle frigid temps.  With a built in mic we could take calls and leave our phone in our pocket.”  Outdoor Tech’s CHIPS headphones were originally made to fit inside snow helmets, but this new set of headgear and headgear accessories make CHIPS more versatile.


The headphones are connected flexible cord as opposed to a rigid band.  This allows users to use them with a variety of headgear.   There is also an exoskeleton that will turn the earpieces into a regular pair of headphones.  The K-ROO helmet pouch will allow the CHIPS to integrate seamlessly in any helmet.  With the Cuff Beanie you can hide all the wires and give you easy access to the dual system control.  The Wick-Fit Beanie lets you stay warm and hold your CHIPS comfortably in place regardless of the how you’re using them.  Use the Wick-Fit headband to listen to music while you’re on the go.  The headphones will feature 40mm drivers, Bluetooth connectivity, and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that will give you 9-10 hours of playback.  The headphones are water resistant.  A two button system allows you to control music and handle calls all without taking off your gloves.

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The potential uses for the CHIPS all-in-one headphones are unlimited.  They can be used for activities such as running, cycling, climbing, and anything else for that matter.  The wired model of the headphones with all the accessories will cost $90 and the wireless will be for $145.  The device is scheduled to be delivered by March 2015.

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