Check Out Winners From 2015 Drone Aerial Photography Contest

It wouldn’t be long before you look up and find the skyline dotted with drones, each working on a different assignment. We have seen them used for gaming and for technological advancements, and now we have come across another fun activity that drone-stars have taken up as a hobby. Never to stay far behind in feats of creative genius, photographers have found their own little dronefare.

Drones laced with improved photography gear are flying in the skies to captures beautiful landscapes from astoundingly unique perspectives. Dronestagram, an online community propagating photography with drones held its second annual Drone Aerial Photography competition and received contributions from all over the world.

The competition entertained some 5,000 entries from around the world, by professional and amateur photographers alike. The judges panel included two National Geographic photographers and the Dronestagram team.

Awards went out to three winners in four categories, which include Places, Nature, Dronies and a Popular Prize for the picture that bagged the most like from the community’s Facebook following. The Places category award went to¬† Ricardo Matiello of Brazil, who captured his hometown’s tallest building peaking, and peeking through clouds far away from possible sight. A GoPro Hero 3 Black mounted on his custom built drone not just won him the Place category, but the Popular category too.

Dronestagram (10)Dronestagram (2)Dronestagram (6)

Beating all other entries for Nature, dronestar who goes by Tahitiflyshoot on the site, bagged the award with a stunning picture of snorkellers swimming among a school of sharks. Custom gear was used to capture this marvel.

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The second prize for the most popular dronescape went to a breath taking nightscape of Plovidv, Bulgaria by user Ice Fire, followed by the bird’s eye view portrait of a Mexican diver by Wootsoor as the third best.

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A special photo capturing the crowd at the Limassol Carnaval, Cyprus was awarded the Dronies award, a funky category for a selfie captured by a drone. Our geek sensors sense the selfie stick going out of business soon, because, well, drones.

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