Check Out Why Nobody Can Steal ‘The Spirit Of Ecstasy’ Off A Rolls Royce

Watching Rolls Royce parked or rolling in all its poise and grandeur is always quite a sight. Due to its attractiveness and extravagancy, its security and protection seems that much more important. Apart from the major security features that prevents the stealing of the car, did it ever cross your mind that how do the company and eventually the owners of this masterclass keep the trademark hood ornament called “the Spirit of Ecstasy” safe?

Check Out Why Nobody Can’t Steal ‘The Spirit Of Ecstasy’ Off A Rolls Royce (1)

Unquestionably at one point or the other around the world, some stupid teenager or junkie has tried to saw off the magnificent hood ornament. So the question is how do they protect it?

You can find out a feature in the video below that was most likely unfamiliar to many. A wonderful over-engineered mechanism protects the Spirit of Ecstasy generally which enables it to retract and disappear at the slightest of touches, let alone any tampering.

Check Out Why Nobody Can’t Steal ‘The Spirit Of Ecstasy’ Off A Rolls Royce (2)

It has been a standard feature that has been included on all of Rolls Royce’s vehicles coming after 2004, as per the company. This causes the steel to be extremely difficult and complicated for the average street thug which implies that the security feature is doing its job right.

Check out the brilliant hood ornament disappear within an instant and be all amazed at the mastermind engineering behind it.



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