Check Out This Robot Suturing A Wounded Grape

The Da Vinci Single-Site Wristed Needle Driver made the waves with a video in which it is seen sewing a tiny grape close with precise action. The robot is so precise, it can create origami models smaller than a quarter.

Da Vinci System

Da Vinci claims that since 2000, its systems have been used in 1.5 million surgeries across the world. The da Vinci Single-Site Wristed Needle Driver promises to help surgeons perform minimally invasive surgeries. Endoscopic surgeries of this kind involve access through several small incisions, which eventually heal faster.

Da Vinci Surgical System (2)

Not only does this shorten recovery time, it stumps growth of infections after surgeries. The robot is minute in size to make it accessible to human organs.

Da Vinci Surgical System (3)

Da Vinci Surgical System (1)

Check out the demo for da Vinci’s precise action robot:


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