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Sometimes, engineering wind up in the most unusual places. Every so often the things that go unnoticed the most are the ones that that hold some of the most inspiring engineering. For example, pizza boxes. While this box is not one of the weirdest achievements of engineering, there is still a lot of innovation in this box.

Pizza boxes are often mono purposed, and of singular use, that is, to store the incredible, hot and delicious pizza for a few moments. It was settled by GreenBox that the conventional pizza box must be given a second chance and hence ended up creating a multi-purpose, extraordinarily efficient box.

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This box has been designed in such a way that it can be reshaped into a compact storage container so that you can devour your pizza some other day. It was devised with functionality in mind, capable of being used as plates when guests arrive in order to save the paper plates for another day.

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William Walsh came up with the brilliant idea of GreenBox after he went through an experience at college where he used the top of the pizza box as a plate in order to help himself save some plates. At that time, he was a student of mechanical engineering.

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In 2011, Walsh told:

“I went to a local restaurant, I bought 50 or 100 pizza boxes — the guy thought I was out of my mind — and an Exacto knife, and a straightedge ruler. I spent 3 or 4 days in my apartment creating different options like, different alternatives how I could utilise this base material to do something else… I came up with 4 or 5 different designs, and I took the best function from each design and came up with this current design.”

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However, sadly Walsh died later that year.

Nevertheless, the world’s most efficient pizza box was left behind by Walsh. The box is produced from 100% recycled material and therefore is sustainable. Innovation lies in wait behind every corner. Walsh chose something so simple, yet useful, and transformed it into something that can help in reduction of pollution, one pizza box at a time.

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