Check Out The World’s Smallest Electronic Skateboard

Bolt skateboard – the smallest electronic vehicle in the world.

Fair enough, it wouldn’t be your conventional definition of a vehicle, but this baby takes you places and technically, the claim is viable. To top it off, it is also the world’s smallest skateboard, a la mode: it can also charge your phone.

Bolt The Electric Skate Board (4)

Lorenzo Cella had to walk miles for college, walking for atleast an hour and a half, which is when he came up with the idea of this fast and portable commute option. With bolt, you can avoid the hassle of parking your car or locking your bicycle; he designed Bolt to fit easily into a backpack – just 60 cm long and weighing 4 kgs. It’s battery operated, which can be used to charge phones and other electronic items as well.

Bolt The Electric Skate Board (5)

Bolt is powered by a 2,000 W electric motor and a 5,000 mAh LiPo battery, all fitted into its wooden core, which can pump 10 km of life into it and is rechargeable within an hour. The skateboard is operable with a wireless joystick and reaches up to 21 km/hr in speed. It is also equipped with front and rear lights for usage in the dark.

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Currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo Bolt , Cella wants to raise $50,000 USD to bump his product into the consumer market. The “Super Early Bolt” and “Early Bolt” have sold out, but a Bolt is available on 30% off for $699 and is expected to deliver by October of this year. You can even get a 10% discount for referring your friends and family.

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