Check Out The Portable Wind Turbines You Can Carry Anywhere

Thinking of wind turbines immediately brings images of Western Europe or the prairies of America to mind. But Minnesota-based Janulus are set to change that as they are trying to make the technology more “portable”. The company is already in the wind turbine business but most of us do not recognize the new name. It was previously called Skajaquoda but the name was dropped because it was too difficult to pronounce. A very good step in our opinion.

In 2014, Janulus came forward with their smallest turbine called Trinity 50. It included a 15-watt generator with USB ports and generated enough power from a 10 mph wind to charge a cell phone. It spanned 12 inches but the company has now edited it to convert it into a three-blade, horizontal type wind turbine with 50-watt generation. It is now available in four different sizes as well, called Trinity 400, 1000 and 2500, with switches between horizontal and vertical axis form factors.

Trinity Wind Turbine 4

The Trinity 2500 is the largest of the lot and is bound to be the most popular one because of its power generation and portability. It stands at 29 inches without its 40 inch tripod stand unfolded. It weighs a manageable 42 pounds and can easily be folded up into a cylindrical tube to fit into the trunk of a car. It has a 2500 watt generator that charges a 300,000 mAh lithium ion battery pack. According to Agust Agustsson, vice president of Janulus, the Trinity 2500, “generates and stores power to run small appliances or to charge your home, electric car and laptop, phone or other gadget.”

Trinity Wind Turbine 2

The inverters, batteries and controllers make the turbine plug and play meaning that no electrician is required in setting up the whole system. It enables the Trinity to plug into a wall socket and convert the power it generates or stores to provide for other small home appliances and gadgets. It can also switch automatically from battery to turbine depending on the amount of power being generated.

Trinity Wind Turbine 3

The company’s higher ups are of Icelandic origin which is a country run solely on renewable energy. The company is housed in the upper Midwest of the USA which is ideal for wind turbines with its cloudy winters and above average wind speeds. The minimum speed of wind required to make the Trinity workable is 4 mph and once 25 mph is reached, the turbine can be converted to vertical setting. The Trinity also come with a smartphone app which allows users to monitor battery level, turn blades on or off and see how much electricity is being generated.

Trinity Wind Turbine 1

Besides being highly portable, the Trinity turbines are cost efficient as well. The shipping is expected to begin at the start of 2016 with the turbines cost ranging between $399 for the Trinity 50 to $5,999 for the Trinity 2500.

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