Check Out the Amazing USB LED Fan Clock

In case you keep getting hot in your office and keep on wondering continuously what time it is, a perfect product has been designed for you. In addition to not just keeping you cool, the USB LED Fan Clock will also show the time on a digital analog clock projected in mid-air. Well, this product might seem as a novelty and that might be the case, but as it costs only US$10 on Amazon, it’s really difficult to just pass up. It is a perfect gift for those who work on their computer all day and for gamers as well. Check out the video below in order to know some of its functions.

An LED clock is created by the fan by making use of perfectly timed LEDs so that your eyes perceive the image of a lighted clock in the air. This novelty little display can be used for a fun desk gadget or something to give to a co-worker.

Check Out the Amazing USB LED Fan Clock (1)


In order to generate such systems that produce images by means of spinning LEDs isn’t really that difficult, and you can find many tutorials walking you through the process by looking around on the internet. In case you want to save yourself the trouble, though, you can get this LED fan clock via Amazon.

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