Amazing Light-Up Phone Case ‘SPECTRE’ Contains Battery Lasting Two Years

A new phone case has been created with an integrated LED lighting system which allegedly is powered by a battery efficient enough not be charged for two years. It is known as SPECTRE.

The core of the case is a high-tech lighting system that offers 40 percent more illumination than the previous models of the company. The case includes an LED in the upper half that lightens the complete case. The light is then disseminated to the highly detailed image featured on the back with the help of a set of complex fibre optics. When the screen is facing a table top or away from the phone owner, the image seizes the attention of phone users.


At present, the phone case is being featured on Kickstarter in anticipation of enough pledges to start production. An exceptional blend of thermoplastic polyurethane has been used to create it that offers a functional, strong case. But, as the case is only 2.7mm thick, users will hardly observe the case due to its slim and sleek style.

In addition to this, the case wirelessly connects to mobile devices as well by means of Low Energy 4.0 Bluetooth which lights up the case when the phone receives notifications from a variety of apps such as Twitter, Messenger, and Facebook. About five percent of a phone’s battery power is utilized by the case on the whole. The case draws shockingly small amount of power itself even with its luminescence.

The creators of SPECTRE, that is, the developers at Lunacase claimed:

“SPECTRE will illuminate like no other case before.  Utilizing new backlight technology, Nolo has improved the design so images are brighter and more vibrant. They’ve increased the duration illumination takes place, to give users more time to notice a call or message is incoming.  And they have also broadened the lighting palette so from now green, red, blue, white and orange illumination is available.”


They also stated:

“Our case has a powerful built-in power supply with a 2-year lifespan so there is no need to charge it or replace the battery.”

An Energizer battery powers the SPECTRE case. It has been three years since the case is in the development phase. Currently, the design has been refined finely and is ready for production now. It has been decided to release the case globally in 2017.

At Lunecase, the developers of the SPECTRE case told:

“It’s so exciting to work with international customers and deliver our product to more than 60 countries, we want our product to be available for everybody in any part of the world.”


The case is only for $20. It might turn out to be the most aesthetically pleasing and high-tech cases on the market. In case, you are interested in more details, check out their Kickstarter web page.

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