ChargeTech by CHARGEALL: World’s Smallest Phone Charger

We’ve all been in a tight spot with low battery.  People all over the world are looking for innovative ways to keep their mobile devices charged and that’s where Charge Tech comes in.  It’s the world’s smallest phone charger developed in Newport Beach, California by a company known as CHARGEALL under the leadership of Jeffrey Maganis.  The product was unveiled at the CES 2015 in Las Vegas.


The Charge Tech dual charger is twice as fast and half the size, having two USB ports.  It’s great for travelling with 4.8 amps of power and it’s tiny so it can fit into hard to reach places.  The wow feature of this charger is that it can charge two devices at once, either two phones or tablets.  Charge Tech gives the fastest charge possible for all the electronic mobile devices.  Its microchip recognizes the mobile device plugged in and charges it fast.  It also has a safe overcharge protection feature and an LED light to indicate when the device is plugged in.   It’s almost twice as fast as the standard Apple iPhone charger and half the size of the standard Apple iPad charger.  Basically, it’s a power charger that fits into the palm of your hand.


The new Charge Tech phone charger works with virtually all mobile devices.  It’s compatible with Android phones and tablets, GoPro digital cameras, Amazon Kindle e-readers, Motorola smart phones, HTC handsets, portable battery packs and thousands of more devices.  “Most people nowadays have at least two mobile devices, whether and iPhone and an iPad, Android phone and Bluetooth Speaker, or even a fitness tracking smartwatch and GoPro.  All of these devices need charging on a daily basis,” said Maganis.  “Our latest solution, the Charge Tech, will empower the mobile user to spend less time charging.”


It’s not only small and powerful, it looks good too with is glossy finish and smooth corners.  A charger with smart charge technology.  This dual USB charger will also fit perfectly in any cigarette lighter power adapter.  It is available in either a wall or car charger model and is prices begin at $19 as an initial price with free shipping within the USA.

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