Charge Is Releasing Autonomous Trucks In UK

There could be a huge load of self-driving delivery vans next year on the streets of United Kingdom. A company named, Charge showcased at the wired 2016 conference in London, debuted a vehicle that boasts assembly time in less than four hours including autonomous driving. Charge driver less truck 2

Denis Sverdlov, CEO of Charge said, “We find trucks today totally unacceptable. Loud, pollutive and unfriendly. This has to change. At Charge we are making trucks the way they should be,”

According to the company, the vehicles overall weight is low because the company used ”ultra-lightweight composite materials”. This also helped company in reducing operating costs by 50 percent. Charge, claims that the first 100 miles of travel is all free because the truck produces zero emission. For the longer journeys for example 500 miles, the truck requires the battery to be topped up. Charge driver van 4

When a question is asked “how many trucks can the company produce in a year?” The company does say that 10 men in two shifts a day are needed to assemble 10,000 trucks a year. The truck ranges from 3.5 tons to 26 tons. In 2017, Oxford shire will be the first place where the factory will be opened near the current headquarters.

The streets of United States are the firsts ones where a driver-less vans have traveled  The Otto deliver system successfully traveled 120 miles, last month. Self driving cars of Lutz Pathfinder Pod hit the streets of UK. This driver-less truck marks one of the recent milestones in driver less vehicle technology.Charge driver less

The government of UK and all the decision makers were also in favor of driver less pods and cars. This was green lighted in 2015 and it was agreed but it was said that before launching it officially in 2017 there should be several beforehand tests.

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