CES 2014 – Gadgets for Family

Ces 2014 had some amazing gadgets for families as well. Here’s our pick of the top 4 from the lot.

4. Fuhu DreamTab

4. Fuhu Dream Tab

Are you sick of your kids getting their hands on your iPad when you aren’t looking, not to mention no parental control? If your answer was yes, you’ll love the new Nabi tablets from Fuhu. These 5, 7 and 9” Android tablets are what your kids would call the “next big thing.” Fuhu definitely bags it all when it comes to kids tablets. From toddlers to tweens, there is a Nabi tablet for everyone. Each tablet comes preloaded with apps designed to teach your kids stuff such as how to tell time and dress in a way which is in compatibility with the weather. It has apps which will ensure safe IM and social networking for your kids.

If that wasn’t enough already, now Fuhu is all set for the launch of the DreamTab which is a collaboration with DreamWorks. If you’re thinking of kung fu panda, ugly ogres, puss in puts, grumpy old trolls, dragon riders and other such animated characters, you’re pretty much on the right track here. The DreamTab has a handful of Dream Works-sanctioned apps such as the “Be an Artist” program, which includes a workshop where children will learn how to create and animate their favorite DreamWorks characters and a Puss in Boots-branded version of Fruit Ninja, which will come loaded on the final units. If you’re talking educational features here, each tablet also features interactive educational software designed by professionals and a library of over 10,000 instructional tutorials that are meant to guide your kids through each lesson. Using a stylus, kids can also write on state of the art, specifically designed workbooks that transmit the characters to the tablet as electromagnetic signals as they draw them on the page. Did someone say, too cool for school? An 8-inch Dreamtab will cost less than $300 and you will be more than satisfied with it, to say the least. These will be available sometime this spring, according to the company, with a 12-inch and even larger models coming later.

3. Teddy the Guardian

3. Teddy the Guardian

Teddy The Guardian might look like a normal plush teddy bear with big ears, a squishy nose. Just like the ones children love. But the difference is what’s inside. Teddy the guardian is full of sensors to track the vital signs of the kid who is playing with him. The embedded sensor inside detects your little one’s temperature, heart rate, and blood oxygen levels with a squeeze of his paw, then transmits the data to your phone. The whole challenge of calming a child down with a stuffed toy before presenting them with a medical sensor is no longer a necessity. The idea behind disguising medical tech as a lovable teddy bear is to provide parents and pediatricians more accurate, consistent data points, because when a child is stressed out about going to the doctor, his or her vital signs readings will be far from accurate. Taking data points when the child is in a neutral emotional state can give doctors reliable information to compare against when something is wrong. The Guardian Teddy’s chest flashes red in time to your child’s heartbeat, which can teach small children about the pulse while totally creeping you out. Oh and we should warn you. With this gadget, you will probably have a hard time convincing your child that stuffed animals aren’t real. Currently this care bear is only available to health professionals, but the manufacturers hope to have a similar yet cheaper version available to US consumers by the end of this year.

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