Caviar Has Created Putin-Themed Gold Nokia 3310

Caviar, an Italian company, have faith in Nokia’s updated take on its classic 3310 cell phone. They have so much confidence in it that they are selling 3310 models, complete with a portrait of Vladimir Putin in gold, for $1,700.

According to one report,

“The return of the cult Nokia phone couldn’t have gone unnoticed, so Caviar designers immediately created their version of the 3310, adding gold, luxury, style, and true Russian character to it.”

The Russian market is strongly targeted by the company. They will begin selling both the Putin version and the titanium version of the 3310 in the second quarter of the year, as per one report. The 3310’s sales pitch of the Caviar seems a lot like Nokia’s. Although some purchasers might be discouraged due to the non-availability of internet connection, Caviar holds that lack of internet has a positive effect on the life.

Caviar Has Created Putin-Themed Gold Nokia 3310

Well, you must know that it is not the first time for the Putin’s likeness to make its way onto the phones. Caviar has also emblazoned the iPhone 7 with the Russian leader. Several options regarding the Putin-themed iPhone covers can be found under the website’s “Supremo section”.

In case you are interested in a world leader other than Putin, Caviar has also taken care of that. In order to rejoice the Donald Trump’s win as president of the United States, they created a new model of iPhone 7 cases. Trump and Putin are the only two world leaders noticeable in the Supremo series up till now. As per the company, the phone comes as a celebration of Trump’s support for Russian ideals and hopeful talk of a better relationship between the two countries.

Besides, Caviar debuted a women’s cover in honor of International Women’s Day. This iPhone is greatly stimulated by Deputy of the State Duma and former Prosecutor General of Crimea, Natalia Poklonskaya.

Caviar Has Created Putin-Themed Gold Nokia 3310

If you want to purchase one of these intricately formed phones, you need to submit your name and contact information on the website to be put on a preorder list. The dates of launch have not been declared yet.

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