Casper Is Giving Away Floating Beds For FREE

They reinvented the mattress first, now they are giving away free floating beds too? That sounds too good to be true, but that is exactly what the Warby Parker of mattresses is doing. Casper is giving a floating bed with every purchase of their reinvented mattresses.

casper mattress floating bed

As their mattress costs $500 itself, the price is a bit too high to be excited about plastic furniture. But the floating bed is no ordinary one. It is a full-sized bed with built-in pillows and cup holders, so you and you partner can enjoy a drink in the middle of the pool.

casper mattress floating bed 1

Casper first became popular in 2015 when they were termed as the “Warby Parker of mattresses” by Business Insider and it has only gone up from there. To be fair, their mattresses are pretty high tech. With a combination of latex foam for cooling and bounce and memory foam for support, Casper Mattress has become the benchmarks for its competitors.

casper mattress floating bed 2

We will see if their floatie gains as much popularity as their mattresses, which are delivered on your doorstep in a small box. Here is an unboxing video of one of their mattresses:

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