Carima Unveils The Imp – World’s Fastest 3D Printer

The advent of 3D printing and its myriad of applications took off quite exponentially and were welcomed by the industries and consumers alike. It comes as no surprise that 3D printers were quickly recognized for what they are; an amazingly geeky tool when it comes to innovation. It is because of these features that it has been accepted into the technological world with arms wide open despite its limitations when it comes to printing speed. Don’t get us wrong, 3D printers do allow you to 3D print anything (almost) but it might take a day or two for that object to be consumer ready. Owing to this, almost all of the manufacturers while focusing on reliability and precision are also paying special attention to the speed. Interestingly, the paradigm is also shifting towards standalone 3D printing machines that come with their companion mobile apps thus allowing the user to carry out 3D printing without having to check up on the process. The prices have also been slashed greatly off the 3D printers!Carima Unveils The Imp – World’s Fastest 3D Printer

A 3D printing exhibition was held in Tokyo where attendants were able to see the world’s fastest 3D printer. Yes, there are some 3D printers that don’t take days to print and this one is leading them all. It has been manufactured by Carima, a South Korean company that has made use of C-CAT (Continuous Additive 3D Printing Technology) printing technology that is considered to be new. The technology was showcased in the form of the ‘Imp’ – a 3D printer that is slated to be released this year – and has been designed for industries such as dental, jewelry and other while allowing for increased flexibility and a wide array of choice when it comes to selection of materials.Carima Unveils The Imp – World’s Fastest 3D Printer 3

The original design was unveiled last year at EuroMold where the crowd was wowed and impressed by the high accuracy and shockingly amazing speed that was shown off while carrying out continuous printing. Carima has a patent for this DLP technology that has already won the 7th position on the best industrial printer worldwide list. Carima has been exporting it to Europe, Asia, Egypt and other areas. The company, as of now, offers a product a lineup with the DP110E (build size of 110x82x190mm) for use at offices and EV models for industrial 3D printing.

C-CAT technology is capable of printing at a speed of 60cm3 per hour while sporting a layer thickness of 0.001mm. This is really enhanced speed when compared with the current 3D printing speed of 2-3cm3 while sporting a layer thickness of 0.1mm. The decreased layer thickness of C-CAT technology allows for better precision. With the release of Imp 3D printer, the users will be able to carry out 3D printing at astonishing high speeds and shall be able to work with plastic materials, which are more flexible, and casting wax.Carima Unveils The Imp – World’s Fastest 3D Printer 4

Carima was founded in 2000 and since then has accumulated a lot of awards and achievements under its belt. It also provides 3D printing services in Korea where users can simply email files, select material and the specific printing size for the finished model that are subsequently shipped to them. All hail 3D printing technology and how it’s shaping our lives and future!

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