Carabinsi: The Smart Carabiners

When we think of carabiners, we imagine a metal loop with a spring-loaded gate used to quickly connect various components, mostly in safety systems.  A new company by the name of Carabinsi, founded by Rok Nemec, offers carabiners that are unique and that are multi-functioning.Carabinsi - The Smart Carabiners Carabinsi - The Smart Carabiners2 Carabinsi - The Smart Carabiners3

These innovative carabiners can be useful and serve as an accessory too.  Their multi functionality means that they can be used as a bottle-opener, can-opener, cutter, wrench tool and its original function as a carabiner.  It’s most interesting capability is being able to enable NFC (Near Field Communication) Technology.  If you have the NFC door lock, you can ask your door lock producer to program NF chip inside of Carabinsi, so you will be able to unlock your doors.Carabinsi - The Smart Carabiners4 Carabinsi - The Smart Carabiners5 Carabinsi - The Smart Carabiners6

These are the first smart carabiners ever.  With the embedded NFC chip, which is open coded you will be able to program to open your favourite website, youtube channel, social apps, share your contact info, turn on/off Wi-Fi and more.  You won’t even need batteries for any of these actions.

The Carabinsi carabiners are designed to carry keys or other small things, not for climbing purposes.  It has a weight capacity of up to 22 lbs.  In case of an emergency you can also break glass.  The Carabinsi comes in two shapes, a guitar and and egg and they’re call Jimi and Billy respectively.  You can customize the logo you want on your carabiner, whether it’s your company’s name or a picture of your daughter.Carabinsi - The Smart Carabiners8 Carabinsi - The Smart Carabiners9 Carabinsi - The Smart Carabiners10 Carabinsi - The Smart Carabiners11 Carabinsi - The Smart Carabiners12 Carabinsi - The Smart Carabiners13 Carabinsi - The Smart Carabiners14 Carabinsi - The Smart Carabiners15 Carabinsi - The Smart Carabiners16 Carabinsi - The Smart Carabiners17

The first Carabinsi prototype was made in January 2014.  The fourth prototype is the design that was worth going ahead with.  The device is produced from stainless steel.  The product can only be funded when it reaches its goal of $3000 or more.  The project will be presented on a Kickstarter campaign in the near future.

Here’s the Kickstarter link.

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