Cancer Survivor Kid Come Up With a Brilliant Way to Tackle Bullies

Beckham Zobrist is a 7-year-old cancer survivor. He had cancer in his right eye and lost in the process of beating cancer. He was three years old when he was first diagnosed and operated upon and has had to wear a prosthetic eye ever since. The bullies at his school did not take too kindly to his new eye and started calling him names and making fun of his static prosthetic eye. That is shameful and disgusting in every imaginable way.

However, Beckham was not to be taken aback and came up with an idea to scare away potential bullies with a terrifying stare to scare them away. “The kids just started calling him a freak, and we saw him just shy away,” according to his mother, Erin Zobrist. That is when Beckham got his custom eye made by his doctor with the lens in shape of his favorite baseball team, The Chicago Cubs. His mother did not want him to feel bad about his eye and was supportive throughout the process.

cancer survivor prosthetic eye 2

Beckham was even invited to meet the Cubs’ team and practice with them for some time. The Cubs bench coach Dave Martinez was extremely delighted to have him there and said, “He’s my idol, and I look up to him and other kids like him that’s gone through what he’s gone through and wish him all the best,” Martinez told WGN. “I told him he’s more than welcome to come back anytime he wants.”

cancer survivor prosthetic eye

Those bullies must be feeling really bad now and they should. We all fully support you Beckham. As your name suggests, you are definitely going to do great things in whatever you choose to do. Here is a video of Beckham and his new eye:

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