Can you Tell if These are Real or Drawn?!

Talented artists can for sure leave you amazed and baffled by their work, right? Here’s one such artist; Ivan Hoo who is a self-taught Singapore based artist. He is capable of creating drawing that are hyper realistic and it is really hard to tell if they are real or not.

Ivan Hoo makes use of pastels, ink and colored pencils to draw these drawings and works on boards of wood imparting a peculiar texture to the background. He says; ‘I always love to draw realistic art or artworks that tease the eyes and the brain,” Hoo wrote on Bored Panda earlier. “By working on wood, it gives me a lot of dimension and ideas to create something close to reality and it works really well with pastels, too.’

Here’s a collection of some of his work, check them out and let us know what you think in the comments section below.Ivan Hoo 16 Ivan Hoo 14 Ivan Hoo 15 Ivan Hoo 13 Ivan Hoo 12 Ivan Hoo 10 Ivan Hoo 11 Ivan Hoo 9 Ivan Hoo 8 Ivan Hoo 7 Ivan Hoo 6 Ivan Hoo 5 Ivan Hoo 3 Ivan Hoo 4 Ivan Hoo 2 Ivan Hoo



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