ButterUp Knife Making Buttering as Easy as it Can be!

Ever had difficulty spreading butter on bread? Surely everyone has gone through the hassle; either the bread slice crumbles, the butter doesn’t spread evenly or doesn’t spread at all; alas a number of sandwiches have succumbed to fanatical buttering of fridge cold butter.BN_ButterUp_02.jpg For this a new and improved ButterUp butter knife gives the solution! Having a built-in grater, not only aerates and softens the butter but also makes cold butter spread with easy.butterup2

Who knew that innovation could come in the most simplest of ways- redesigning cutlery! A number of projects are at hand all around the globe where engineers and scientists are using their wits to keep exploring the realms of simplicity. A few examples include Piltz Design’s Picnic Cutlery, a multi storage segmented set designed for picnic utensils and HAPIfork, a fork designed to monitor the speed with which individuals eat!butterup 1

The ButterUp maker’s probably went through a lot while spreading butter straight from the fridge when it’s hard and uneasy to feast upon, as we all know that cold butter is hard and spreading its chunks on a slice of bread only rips it apart. Its shape is that of a simple knife with the only difference lying in the series of holes pierced along the non-serrated edge, simple yet very handy. The final design came out after vigorous tries and tests at various prototypes by DM Initiatives. The only tip they had was from a chef who found a better way at using butter, grate cold butter and its easier to spread.butterup 5

Incorporating a grater into the knife was the idea. The row of holes causes thin ribbons of butter onto the blade, the knife can then be tossed over to permit the buttering to commence. An added feature is making the blade wide enough to collect the grated butter, and stainless steel used in the manufacturing makes it dishwasher safe.butterup 3

The price for the product is presumed at around AU$12 (about US$11) if everything goes as planned; the campaign for the project is crowd funded by Kickstarter.

The video below is the Kickstarter pitch for the ButterUp knife.

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