BUDGEE – The Following Robot

We’ve all dreamed of having a robotic assistant like Star Wars’ R2D2 or Rosie, the house cleaning robot of the Jetsons. Well our dreams might just come true.  How cool would it be to have your own personal robot follow you around and carry your things.  A new generation of helpful robots has been featured at the RoboBusiness conference in Boston.  Though they may be designed to do different jobs, their main job is to follow their leader.

following robot3 following robot5

Designed and created by Five Elements Robotics, the friendly looking robot assistant follows you and helps you carry heavy items in a basket he carries around with him. They’re calling him Budgee and he follows his owner with the help of a device the owner wears.  The user sets the distance between them and the robot.  The helpful droid can tail its owners at speeds up to 2.4 mph.  If he can’t keep up, he will send you a text message.  Fitted with special sensors so that it doesn’t fall down steps or bumps into obstacles, this following robot is built to last.  Budgee will come in different sizes, be able to fold up for ease of transportation or storage, weighs 20lbs so he is easy to lift, and will be capable of carting around 50 lbs.  This helpful droid will be especially helpful to the elderly and handicapped.

follwing robot1 following robot4

Budgee greets you when he is turned on. He also tells you when his battery is getting low, if he can’t find you, when he is in manual mode, when he is in follow mode, and a variety of other status messages.  He keeps you informed by talking to you through your smart phone or tablet.  The droid can operate for up to 10 hours on his rechargeable battery.  You can change Budgee’s eye color to whatever you want.  If you don’t have a smartphone or tablet, you can optionally purchase the small remote control device as an alternate.  It will go on sale in January for $1,400.

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