Bluetooth Speaker Which is Waterproof Too!

We have come a long way since the first cell phones were introduced. Nowadays, your phone is much more than just a tool to make and receive calls. It is your mp3 player, camera, video player, watch and what not! Bluetooth Speaker Which is Waterproof Too! 2We tend to use our smart phones all the time and there is no exaggeration in this statement. It is a common fact that the highest scores on games are achieved while taking a dump in the washroom. Anyhow, apart from this, there are a lot of people to whom listening to music is a necessity and they must do so most of the time.

Using a smart phone for that purpose is just fine but the problem arises when one has to take a shower. Back in the old days we used to plug the speakers and turn up the volume but guess that doesn’t work anymore. Keeping this in mind, Abco Tech has come up with a wonderful gadget; Bluetooth speaker. This cool gadget is waterproof and can be used in conjunction with you iphone 5 to play music while you’re taking a shower and you can use it to take calls as well. Never again will you have to worry about drying your hands if you must take a call during shower.

Bluetooth Speaker Which is Waterproof Too!The speaker can run for 15 hours before it requires charging again and we’d say that is more than enough time to last around more than 20 showers. The device is worth $35 and one must not be expecting a sound quality that is out of this world but it sure will suffice!

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