Medical Science Advances – Brain Tumor Genes Identified

The advancement in science and technology has proven quite fruitful for the medical science since now equipped with better technology and much more advanced techniques they are overcoming the obstacles that were once considered impossible. Brain Tumor Genes IdentifiedIn latest news researchers have actually identified brain tumor genes. This discovery was by a team of researchers from The University of Queensland’s Institute for Molecular Bioscience. The leaders of the team were a group of three; Professor Brandon Wainwright, Dr Laura Genovesi and Dr Melissa Davis.

Brain Tumor Genes Identified 2The identification of these genes means that they shall be the targets which need to be treated, said Professor Brandon. He also said that; ‘Brain tumors are the most common cause of cancer death in children. Those who do survive often experience significant neurological, intellectual and physical disabilities as a result of their treatment, which involves surgical removal of the tumor followed by radiotherapy and chemotherapy. We clearly need more effective and less invasive options to treat medulloblastoma and improve outcomes for both children and adults with this devastating disease.’

Brain Tumor Genes Identified 4Medulloblastoma is further divided into four categories and each of these four types has its own unique molecular signature. This particular team of researchers has basically been able to find an underlying genetic regulatory network which is present in all of the four categories of medulloblastoma and according to Professor Brandon this discovery will prove crucial in the advancement of treatment for brain tumor patients. He said; ‘We are now searching for existing drugs that may block these gene networks and act as viable treatment alternatives for medulloblastoma.’

Brain Tumor Genes Identified 3The results of this team which had researchers from Singapore, Australia, Canada, United States and The United Kingdom have been published in highly renowned scientific journal; Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA. The team screened 85 tumors before the discovery was made. This research was supported by a number of Australian and International funding bodies and included the John Trivett Foundation, the Australian Research Council and the National Health and Medical Research Council.

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