Boris the Robot Will Load Your Dishwasher!

Developments in the field of robotics are growing like wildfire. Now we have something new, a UK research team has created one of the first robots capable of handling unfamiliar objects, and it may soon become capable enough to load a dishwasher.  Boris is his name and robotics is his game!


Boris was first unveiled at the British Science Festival in Birmingham last Thursday. Boris’ blue arms and silver hands allow him to grasp objects like a human can, thus solving a massive mathematical problem in robotics.  Once its development is complete it will be a machine that can assess the size and weight of an object it has never seen before, and figure out the best way to pick it up, yet we humans do this subconsciously.


It has been some time now that robots have been able to pick objects up if they have been specifically programmed to do so, but they haven’t been able to do that with unfamiliar objects. Boris on the other hand is able to calculate 1,000 possible ways to grab an object in the time frame of 10 seconds.  The team of computer scientists at the University of Birmingham, the creators of Boris say that come April of next year the robot will be able to load a dishwasher.

boris2 boris4

Boris has human-like hands and aluminum arms and has been taught by its inventors how to handle objects whether by curling its fingers in a loop fashion or pinching manner, or to use the palm of the hand in a power grip. Due to the fact that Boris is still just a prototype it is unfortunate for us all that he will not be available to load our dishwashers yet.  The team of researchers’ next challenge will be to have the robot transfer an object from one hand to the other.  The technology used in designing and creating Boris will have many applications including industrial uses and the field of medicine.

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