2014 Detroit Auto Show-BMW M3 sedan and M4 coupe

Here’s our next post on 2014 Detroit Auto Show and this one will be covering two models from the tycoon in automobile industry; BMW. Detroit Auto Show is considered to be paradise for motor enthusiasts and usually the big news are released at this forum via different automobile companies.

BMW M4 2


This time around, 2014 Detroit Auto Show has been the host to a number of speedy, stylish and performance based cars. The bonus package for all the participants was the long awaited BMW M3 coupe and Sedan.

BMW has come up with a change in name; M3 stands for Sedan while the M4 has been reserved for the Coupe. Furthermore, these two iconic cars from BMW are all set for 2015. The Detroit Auto Show saw them looking much bolder with the new duds and here’s another thing you need to know before we jump into details; these models weigh less and are enhanced when it comes to performance.

BMW M3 2

BMW M4 4

BMW M4 6

Once you take a look at these models, you realize right away that the models are more than just aero-optimized; they are fiercely designed. The front and rear fascias and fenders both give out the muscular look. Although the current M3-models look quite slick themselves but these new models surely will make the present model look outdated. The new models are based on the 3-series and 4-series. The latest models come with hoods which bulge; side strakes are deep and come with M-badge in chrome spears. The exhaust pipes are chrome tipped and some huge wheels accompany these rides. Last but not least; both models come with carbon fiber roof panels. Carbon Fiber as we all know is rapidly revolutionizing the automobile industry owing to its light weight and super strength.

Let’s see how they feel from the inside, shall we? Both models will come with sports seats, color combos will be peculiar and unique, as expected; a lot of carbon fiber and aluminum trim shall be on the dashboard and your car door panels. A number of switches will accompany the car so that the driver may select from chassis, throttle and transmission settings. So these new models will impart a sense of individuality to your car as well.


BMW M3 4

BMW M4 5

The under hood specifications are more than just impressive; a turbocharged inline-6 engine which is capable of generating 425hp and 406 lb-ft! The engine when compared to the M3’s V-8 is less in weight by 22 pounds and enhanced when it comes to horsepower and torque. The power is delivered by the rear wheels and both the models come with two transmission settings; a six speed manual and a seven-speed dual clutch automatic.

BMW M3 3

Now to impress you even more; guess how much these models have been reduced in weight when compared to their predecessors? Get ready; these ones weigh 175 lb less and that’s thanks to the lightweight materials which have been employed. This spectacular reduction in weight has enabled them to reach 60 mph from rest in about 3.9 seconds using the automatic transmission with standard launch control and 4.1 seconds if you’re old school and prefer manual transmission. The car comes with a multi-plate limited-slip rear differential which has been incorporated to keep the car stable in tight corners – is that cool or what?

The sales begin in US in June; however, BMW has yet not mentioned a price tag for these models. Looking at the features, let’s not get our hopes high though. Good job BMW!

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