BLYNK App – Build an App for your Arduino Project in 5 Minutes

Producers, designers and specialists that appreciate the building projects that utilize Aruduino platform, Raspberry Pi or similar programs but find it difficult to combine the development boards to an Android or iOS smartphone, will appreciate the Blynk app an its capabilities.BLYNK App - Build Arduino Projects in 5 Minutes6BLYNK App - Build Arduino Projects in 5 Minutes5Engineer Pasha Baiborodin has made this ingenious application which effectively allows you to unite you preferred development board to your smartphone empowering you to control it using various gadgets that are incorporated within it.  For those who are building complex projects like robots or home automation, Blynk will save time writing an app for each project.  The platform is very flexible and customizable.  While designing Blynk, the makers focused on simplifying things, but if you’re into writing more serious code, you’ll have full freedom in your hands.blynk1 BLYNK App - Build Arduino Projects in 5 Minutes4 BLYNK App - Build Arduino Projects in 5 Minutes3 BLYNK App - Build Arduino Projects in 5 Minutes2 BLYNK App - Build Arduino Projects in 5 Minutes

The Blynk app can make building applications and projects with smartphone network much simpler.  It will also allow you to control your development board from anywhere in the world.  “Imaging a prototyping board on your smartphone where you drag and drop buttons, sliders, displays, graphs and other functional widgets.  And in a matter of minutes these widgets can control Arduino and get data from it.  Blynk is not an app that works only with a particular shield, instead it’s been designed to support boards and shields you are already using.  It also works on iOs and Android.  No matter what type of connection you choose-Ethernet, Wi-Fi or maybe this new ESP8266 everyone is talking about – Blynk libraries and example sketches will get you online, connect to Blynk Server and pair up with your smartphone.”

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