Blizzident Is A 3D Printed Tooth Brush Cleans Teeth in 6 Seconds

We featured Blizzident on our list of weird cleaning products, but this one calls for a special up close and personal! This customized tooth brush is claimed to take mere six seconds to clean your teeth to perfection.

Blizzident 3D Printed Brush (3)

Custom made to the user’s teeth structure, Blizzident is 3D printed after a 3D scan of the mouth. It is a mouth guard that can be worn and ground onto, and that is all that needs to be done for it to give you a super shining clean in no time at all. Blizzidents bristles are strategically placed so that each and every one of the teeth is brushed in all directions, all in a matter of six seconds.

Blizzident 3D Printed Brush (2)

Any dentist can take an impression of teeth, which is a fairly normal dental procedure. These impressions can be digitized by dental laboratories. This 3D scan is what Blizzident needs to deliver a custom made tooth brush; upload it to the Blizzident’s site and an order can be placed for the 3D printed toothbrush.

Blizzident 3D Printed Brush (1)

It is up on the market for $300 right now, so that’s pretty heavy on the pocket, but worth it if it can save you 50 something trips to the dentist ‘cuz you were too lazy to brush your teeth.

Source: Blizzident


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